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Customer and Employee Satisfaction Systems

89% of unhappy customers will never buy from you or visit your premises again. The number one objective of any business should therefore be to create happy customers. Businesses that do, grow and flourish; those that don’t, stagnate and perish.


zoom9-300x234 Customer and Employee Satisfaction Systems

Enhanced digital measurement and evaluation system Qbuton is designated and developed to assist your business or industry to measure the quality of services offered to your clients, patients and/or partners.  Measurement and evaluation of the customer input through the digital devices / kiosks are being processed in a software environment and infrastructure where you can access the results instantly with a preset time interval, also available as unplugged timeline and also has the ability to batch evaluation.

The service is no longer to be considered statistical sampling methods will be past. With each individual’s participation in life-long measuring and instant assessment and quality measurement limits the beginning of a new engine.

Each individual’s right to participate using and service servers to ensure that service quality in real terms for the purpose of measurements. Our research center create new projects have been developed. Registered in model-brand and design our company

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

This is the most standard customer satisfaction metric, asking your customer to rate her satisfaction with your business, product, or service. Your CSAT score is then the average rating of your customer responses.